JACO Changes for Summer 2005

1) JACO Meeting Times have changed! Members, please take note of this important change. Meetings will now start at 7:30PM and will run until at least 10:30PM. We are only guaranteeing that meetings will run until 10:30PM. Any carry over beyond that point will depend on the night's showing selections.

2) The showing schedule has changed. JACO will now be presenting 2 steady slots from 7:30-8:30, followed by 3 Short Run Rotating Slots. After these regular showings are completed we will then feature a different presentation each meeting. This can vary between 3 different shows, a 3-4 episode run, or a full-length feature. These will be announced as they are determined. The current schedule is as follows:
7:30-7:55 - Mai Hime
7:55-8:20 - Bleach Season 1
8:20-8:45 - Loveless
8:45-9:10 - Honey and Clover
9:10-9:35 - Sousei no Aquarion
9:30-10:30 - TBD

For the meeting of the 28th, we will be showing Tsubasa episodes 1 thru 3 during the TBD time. Anything beyond that will be at the discretion of the faculty advisor and officers.

3) Due to several factors, it was put to a vote at the last business meeting to disband the library. The vote in turn passed and this signals the end of the JACO Library. We will no longer be offering tapes or Library Memberships. As a result, any current Libarary Memberships will be honored as full memberships until they expire. A list of the library tapes will be available at the next meeting on the 28th of May. These tapes will be available to be requested by current JACO members to take home for keeps. This comes as just another step in JACO's evolution!

4) An Events committee is forming. We need eager, motivated, and willing individuals who would like to take a bigger role in JACO to step up to bat! Anyone interested in joining the events committee must be a member in good standing. These individuals will be responsible for coming up with ideas and helping to organize all JACO events. Some upcomming events to look forward to are the JACON Back to School Bash on August 27th and the JACO Halloween Party on October 22nd. We will need your help to make these the biggest and best yet so please e-mail the JACO President or Vice-President with your interest and we'll sign you up!

5) JACO T-Shirts are now available for Pre-Order. Target release date is October 22nd to coincide with the JACO Halloween Party. Until the release, all shirts will be only $12.00 for pre-order! After that, the price will be raised to $15.00 starting on the 22nd of October. Be sure to get yours reserved ahead of time! We're doing a limited initial run for this triumphant return of the shirt! Don't miss your chance to get one.

Last Updated: May 16, 2005

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