JACO Roll Call!!

As certain members of the Japanese Animation Club of Orlando meet, certain traits seem to become more prevalent than others. This Roll Call takes these 'nuances' and EXPLOITS them.

Name: Jason Sadeghi
Code Name: "Duo"
Position:  President

Quote: WHAT?! I don't think I'm Duo, that's crazy... I AM Duo.

Jason has been into Anime since 1991 and been completely obsessed ever since. Aspired to be a JACO member since a senior in high school, 1998. Many people know him as Duo and that does not bother him at all, as long as they are not trying to play matchmaker if you know what I mean. Get's along with almost everyone and enjoys just having fun in the anime community. He just can't seem to keep himself busy enough. Though he's still a young'n by some people's standards, he's seen his fair share of anime and would be happy to talk about it till the cows come home.

Name: Lily Ross
Code Name:
Position:  Vice- President

Quote: "Not all who wander are lost"

While taking time away from her quest to travel the world, Lilly discovered JACO. After being sucked into the club by the Evil Joey Snackpants, she discovered her love for funny little cartoons with big eyes and small mouths. Now, she can no longer escape....

Name: Jimmie Hannaman III
Code Name: 
Position: Presidental Advisor
Quote: "Never do today what you can complain about tomorrow" 

Some wonder where this man came from. When asked he responded "I'm just another conscript." He was drafted into the Royal Army of JACO, and was quickly promoted to the rank of Vice President. After the previos president decided to retire her reign. There was nothing left but to take over. Beware his sarcasm but rejoice in his determination to grow JACO to unprecendented size.

Name: Kenneth Nabbe 
Code Name: Joey Snackpants 

Position: Treasurer / Project JACO Chairman

Quote: "Today JACO... Tomorrow the world!!" 

As "The President's Personal Advisor", this is the man with the plan, or the flak guns to shoot one down. One of the club's Ex-Presidents and the last holder of the club library, Mr. Nabbe once held JACO in the palm of his hand, but he doesn't let this go to his head or remind people of this fact.... often. His 'vain' attitude makes up for the number of times he has been dumped by members of the opposite sex. After speaking to him, you will find that his devotion to William Shatner as the only true Star Trek captain, borders on fanaticism... nay, it IS fanaticism.

Name: Kimberly Browne
Code Name:
Position:  Corresponding Secretary


currently n/a

Name: Tad Simmons
Code Name: You are not cleared for that information
Faculty Advisor, Librarian
Quote: So?

Tad was originally pulled into anime knowingly by the the late eighties adaption of Starship Troopers (his favorite book). He has been the faculty advisor since the club moved onto campus, and he took over the Librarian duties because he was the only one with sufficient storage space available when the previous office holder was incapable of doing a competent job. Some consider him too "curt" or "confrontational" but usually these are the people who just can't take the hint that he would really prefer them dead and they would be much safer farther away.

He enjoys a very eclectic cross-section of many genres, and nobody, himself included, completely understands why he likes the shows he does.

Name: Susan Hicks
Code Name:
Position:  Megacon Liason / Promotions / part-time webmaster

Quote: Why me!?

How did I get involved with JACO? You got me. Why am I having to write this bio? 'cause Jimmie told me I had to. How did I get this position? Still trying to figure that out. Maybe it all has something to so with this thing called anime...

Name: Nicole Hollis
Code Name:
Position:  Presidental Advisor


currently n/a

Last Update: December 17, 2004

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